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Love Is All You Need, and Cookies!

Like we've said before, we love everything French so when we saw this tea towel that says "Love Is All You Need" we had to get it. It’s perfect for Valentine’s Day but also a good reminder for all year long. Something we also love to do all year long, but especially during holidays, is bake cookies! We found this really unique line of baking supplies at Walmart with pre-colored baking mixes and unique sprinkles. It’s called Alma's Culinary Co. The baking mixes come in a rainbow of colors and so do their sprinkles. We bought the pink to test it out since it was new to us, and it made perfectly pink cookies for Valentine's Day with our handy KitchenAid mixer, but some little hands got a hold of them too soon so we couldn't take any after pics! But we totally recommend and so do our little taste testers!

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