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The Latest Find: Our Go-To Mascara

Someone once asked us, if we were stranded on an island but was given one piece of makeup to have what would it be? We both replied... MASCARA! We are always on the search for the best mascara(s) to make our eyes look bright, wide and awake! Drug store mascaras are actually our favorite compared to the more expensive designer ones, but we still had to mix a few together to get the right look, until NOW. Our favorite go-to mascara is by far the Liquid Lash Extensions Mascara™ by Thrive Causemetics. We love so many things about it, but just to name a few:

It's Vegan

It's easy to remove with JUST warm water

It's super voluminous and thick

It doesn't flake off (contact lense wearers, you get this!)

Check it out here!

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