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The Latest Find: Dazzle Dry Nail Polish

So last Fall I went on a self-care trip BY MYSELF to Ojai Valley Inn and while I've had A LOT of Mani's and Pedi's in my day to say that I got the best manicure and pedicure of my life there is an understatement. The best part was the Dazzle Dry Nail Polish system they used. I was skeptical at first, I wanted my Essie or OPI, but I was pleasantly surprised. The polish looked and felt like gel, dried within minutes, and lasted for weeks. So when I went back to my normal salon in town and noticed that they had the same, I was stoked! But THEN quarantine hit and I couldn't get my usual nail fix, so I decided to just buy the system myself. I do it on the reg now, it's so easy! The nail polish lasts for so long and looks fresh just like gel but without the harsh chemicals and UV light. It's VEGAN and amazing. I now take my own colors into the salon, because I'm so in love.

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