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The Latest Find: DIY Advent Calendars

So I found a paper mache advent calendar at Hobby Lobby and wanted to make a fun DIY Advent Calendar for the kids' rooms for Christmas. I found some fun wooden objects that I thought I could glue onto the top to make them more festive. The whole project took less than two hours. A little paint, a little wood glue and Voila! We've listed the items you need below to make the calendars and the step-by-step process. If you decide to try it yourself, tag us so we can see your awesome creations!

Items Used:

Paper Mache Advent Calendar (Sold Out Online but check your local store!)

Wood Snowmen and Trees (Trains are out of stock online)

Step 1: Paint five boxes with each color. Paint the wooden objects that will be glued on top as well.

Step 2: Place one box of each color in each column, or place in whatever pattern you like.

Step 3: Allow paint to dry. Some colors needed two coats.

Step 4: After paint is dry, glue the wood balls onto the boxes to make knobs so it's easier to pull open the boxes.

Step 5: Stick on the numbers in the corner of each box.

Step 6: Glue the toppers onto the top of the calendar box and you are done.

See? Super easy!!

Can't wait to see what you come up with!

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