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The Latest Find: Loog Guitars 20% off

With all this time that your kids are spending at home, let's make it worth while! one of our 6-year-olds has requested to learn to play the guitar, my first thought was "um how do I do that right now?!" Well she doesn't know it yet but she's getting a Loog guitar for Christmas in perfect pink (because she's also really girly). The special thing about Loog Guitars is they only have 3 strings making it super easy for kids to begin to play songs from the very first day they pick them up (hopefully)! They also come bundled with flashcards and an app that have everything you need to learn how to play guitar, plus FREE live lessons via Zoom. And right now ONLY they are having their once-a-year sale , 20% off!!! So here goes nothing!

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